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What we do

We implement an original 3 part system that takes you and your business from strategy to tactics to results.


Bringing the most relevant industry knowledge necessary to help you solve all the bilingual marketing issues your business encounters. 

All in a simple plug and play fashion.

Let us provide your business with a workforce ranked higher than 50% of Ivy league graduates that take you through a step by step process tailored specifically to your business' most important needs. 

Our Story

With more and more people wanting to open and grow their businesses, we strongly believe that competent marketing services will be a determining factor for success. Realizing this growing demand, LSM is proud to offer a unique and friendly solution to all business owners looking to maximize marketing impact and obtain the highest return on investment in the industry. 

Our mission:

To democratize a tailored and exclusive marketing experience to businesses. Bridging together the best marketing minds, and strong business. LSM creates winning situations.

Our vision:

We envision a world where businesses of all shapes and sizes can access this premiere level of marketing to help local entrepreneurs by leveraging the tools and talent around us. 

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