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What we do

Liminal Specialized Marketing offers the comprehensive capabilities and most up to date industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex bilingual marketing issues of your small to medium business, all in a simple, plug and play manner.

With the help of our highly skilled workforce (ranked higher than 50% of ivy league graduates by employers), we are able to provide your business with tailored marketing consultations while implementing action plans in order to improve your company's results.

Want to experience the expertise of Liminal Specialized Marketing for yourself? Let’s discuss what we can do for you and select the best plan for you!


Our Story

With ever more saturated markets we strongly believe the need for marketing. It's vital that businesses gain and establish presence through marketing to standout from the crowd. 

That's why at LSM we gladly leverage remote working capabilities and nearshoring to provide local businesses with top of the line talent working on their marketing needs. 


Our Mission:

To deliver a tailored and exclusive marketing experience to businesses who previously could not afford such services. By bridging together the best minds, a strong focus on customer experience and small to medium sized businesses, LSM creates winning situations.

Our Vision: 

We envision a world where top of the line marketing experiences for small to medium sized businesses are a reality; helping local businesses, provide the best working environment for our team members all by leveraging the tools and talent available to us.


If you want to learn even more about LSM and what we stand for, check this out!

Company Standards

Get a better sense of LSM's culture, see how we like to work and if you'd make a good fit.

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