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Liminal Specialized Marketing Services

Everything you ever needed.

Camera on a tripod
In a Meeting

Content creation

Expert Guidance

Enrich your company's online footprint.

Gain traction and expand on the internet with our content creation custom made for your business.

With 6 weekly blog entries made to reach out to new and existing clients. Plus daily photo or video content to deepen customer interaction through social media.

All pushed out organically and with the help of a few paid ads along the way. 


Social media management

           Free up your valuable time.

Let us handle your company's social media. We will post daily, across the most effective networks for your business.

We will also handle messages and inquiries; pointing them in the right direction.

All while getting access to, social media management specific, consultations and strategies.


Tailored Marketing Strategies

           Get the answers you need.

We look forward to getting to work with you and consult to obtain the best results for your business. 

Gain access to our highly qualified staff to build a step-by-step action plan aligned with your goals and dreams.

Let us put it to work for you.

Liminal Specialized Marketing is a one-stop, marketing department for your business just a click away.

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